Big League

Here is the game as it looked when I brought it home. Restoration began immediately, of course. These pages document the restoration process. They have been pretty much imported from the original pages, so the format may not be in keeping with the rest of the site. Also, keep in mind that this was written "real time"; not knowing how the final product would turn out...

I picked this up December 9, 2002. It's a Bally pre-flipper game from 1946, and my first woodrail (my 12th pinball overall, if you're keeping score). It needs a complete restoration. It's in pretty sorry shape, but I believe it has promise, and I'm confident that I can get it running just fine..

The ugly truth...

The playfield is incredibly dirty, but I think it's actually in great shape, and it should clean up nicely and turn clear and bright.
And I really like the theme!


The cabinet looks bad, but it's actually pretty solid. Also, the original stenciled pattern is still clear.
I will be able to repaint this cabinet to the original pattern and colors. The pattern on the front is continued on the coin door below.


The backglass is the worst news. It can't really be fixed (the missing artwork), and it's very unlikely I'll find a replacement.
The head evidently had no stenciled pattern on the sides.


Some shots inside the main cabinet. I took the pictures before I fished out all of the stray parts.


The coin door is in desperate need of repair. The nickel slide needs a lot of attention, too. On the right is the underside of the playfield.


I'm glad to have copies of the original price card and instruction card.


All the bumper caps are there (thankfully), and they're actually in great shape! I think the shooter cover is kind of neat, so I took a picture of it..

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