Candid Reception Pictures

'Book One' - 53 Photos

'These are from the single-use cameras that were placed on the tables. They are in random order. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Jim & DianeEvelyn JohnsonAndrew JohnsonJoy and Antionette SeumptewaSeumptewa FamilyDiane and her MomJim & Mary SpeiserDan and ColleenMike & Anne dancingHedy seems upsetChris & JulieJoe & Sara RumannJoe & Theresa PintoAfshinDave dances with JoyIs Craig leaking?Joe & Gloria MunozAmir and DellyDonna and Sue ignore DianeMark, Terenah, and AfshinBuffy close-upVicki HallerWhy she's known as ''Classy Julie''Marissa ''Buffy'' LaMarcheFelicia & GregTerenah and AfshinJim & Nancy PhippsTable #4Ray and Baby PeterEldon Stenjem and Ray SmithBaby Peter SmithDonna and Bruce dancingBruce WalesThe Ray Smith familyBrett Martinez and David GonzalesBruce Wales, Jim Smith and James HedwallChuck & Cindy OliverKevin and Craig BleaseJim & Marla BlackburnMarilyn and Skye SeumptewaBaby LaurenKim MasiewestewaDolores, Adrian and JoyJoy SeumptewaRenee Smith with Donna and Kevin BleaseTable #7Renee and Kevin in concentrationEvelyn JohnsonMike & Anne SmithChuck Oliver with Baby PeterMark Brewer and Julie Riemenschneider... dancing?...The bride and groomAdrian and Antionette Seumptewa