Kitchen, page 2

In case you forgot what it looked like, here's the before shots. Diane is cooking the final meal prepared in the old kitchen. (I don't remember what she made...)

Those beige-painted wood pieces are parts to some temporary shelving that we bought to temporarily store all of the kitchen items that we would still be needing

Here you can see the recently-installed pegboard, as well as a small shelf that I had just put up.

The first step was to remove the collapsed cabinet bottom from under the sink. This was gross...
What you see is a pasty cockroach sludge. Hundreds of them, all mushy; the consistency of soft butter.

I scraped them up with a paint scraper. Fortunately, there was no bad smell at all.

NOTE: These bugs are long dead! I'm sure they had been there for years!

With that unpleasantness behind us, the demolition continued...
The "breakfast bar" was the first to go, since we had planned on putting the temporary
shelving against that wall. It came out pretty easily.

Diane then took off for Las Vegas with Evelyn, leaving me to continue alone...
Here's the kitchen with all of the cabinets emptied, ready to be removed.
Emptying the cabinets was a bigger job than I expected in itself!

A few hours later, they're all gone. This is a shot after the backsplash tile
had been knocked off the wall, too. Lovely color...

All the empty cabinets went to the backyard. Nobody's gonna want this junk, so they
were all dismantled, nails removed, and carefully stacked in a neat pile. (I am a Smith, after all...)

At this point, it was time to start taking up the tile, just as we had done in the dining room. We plan to clean and polish the concrete floor,
and put a real good sealant on it so the cooking grease, etc doesn't stain it....

At least that was the plan....