Living Room

Soon after we finished the Dining Room, we began thinking about what to do with the adjacent Living Room. While not quite sure about what we wanted exactly, we knew that we wanted to get rid of the cheap carpeting and the textured ceiling. We chose to begin on a nice long holiday weekend; Memorial Day Weekend 2004. Here are pictures of the room just before I began clearing the furniture..



These picture were taken just before 6:00 pm on Friday, May 28. Diane was off picking her mom up from the hospital after her mom had some tests run. I surprised her by almost completely emptying the room of furniture before she came home about 8pm, to prepare for ripping the carpeting up the next morning and getting a good jump on the work.

We then rode our bikes down to My Florist Cafe for dinner. We never made it home that night....


On the way home, I had my accident and was laid up for awhile... Meanwhile, we had most of our living room furniture stashed (inconveniently) in other rooms...!

Three months later...