Ping Pong II : February 8, 2003

The Second Somewhat-Less-Than-Annual Ping Pong Tournament was held on Saturday, February 8. David Gonzales was the defending champ, having earned the crown in the very first tournament in late 2002 by defeating Afshin what's-his-name. Official record keeping was still in it's infancy way back then, so I'm not sure what the details are. Sorry.

We had twelve participants this time; and again the seeding was almost entirely random; the only rule being that the pair in the last final cannot face each other in the opening round. Here is the bracket with results. Josh ended up with a free trip to the second round, even though Joe Rumann won the first-round match 21-9, but Joe had to duck out early.


Here are some pictures from the event:


Defending champ David Gonzales, preparing to defend his title...


Josh Van Kylen celebrating his overwhelming first-round victory!


Afshin Ah-hoo-something on his way to another second place finish...


Second place (Afshin) and third place (David). They're stunned... Simply stunned...


Ping Pong Champ #2, Jim Phipps.

Word is that the next tourney will take place in July 2003 [Note: It didn't happen]. Mr. Phipps will be there to defend his title, and anybody is welcome to try to take it away.

Stay tuned!

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