Road Trip 2004

We had planned on taking a vacation in late 2004 for awhile. Originally, we were going to take a week, fly out to Annapolis to visit Diane's sister, and maybe rent a car there and do some local sightseeing.
After looking at the cost for this plan, and taking a good look at the available vacation time that Diane and I had accumulated, the plan morphed into something completely different...

We ended up renting a car for three weeks and taking a nice long driving trip across the country! To make things more interesting, both Susan and Evelyn decided to fly to locations along the route and join us for portions of the trip. Sue spent 3+ days with us (Denver to Minneapolis) and Evelyn spent about 4 days (Cleveland to Annapolis).

The whole trip was a great experience, and we're glad we had the opportunity to do it. It will probably be a long time before we can do it again!

The pictures are broken up into three pages:

Route Map
This is the route we took.. More than 7200 miles..!