Dining Room - Finishing Up

Today is November 3rd, and I have finished the work on the dining room. Not really entirely, but the construction is done. The last of the polyurethane was put on the trim, and the final touch-ups were done on the walls. The rug is completely done. The only thing to add is the drapes and curtains and to hang pictures. That will probably wait until the furniture is all here, though..

I just had to take a picture of the collection of paint cans we amassed with this dining room project.... What a mess! I've identified what each can contributed to.... If you need one of these colors, please let me know!

Pile o' paints

Many of these cans are still mostly full. We barely used any of the custom blue or the green glaze on the rug, for instance. I don't even have a good place to store all of these! Looks like I'm going to need to put up some more shelves in the garage...


Hey!... We finally got some drapes and curtains! It'll be nice to finally have a little privacy in the dining room, after being wide open since February.
I haven't put in the tie-back hooks yet, and the curtains on the window are still just pinned waiting to be hemmed (they were cut down from full drapes)
so they're not quite hanging right. But now we can hang pictures and then put in furniture! We really hope it'll be complete by Christmas.

It's Thursday, Dec 5th and

It's DONE ! The finished product . . .

South Wall - Finished

These final pictures are bigger than the others, so it takes a bit longer to load...
Here's the view looking to the south wall. Furniture, curtains with tie-backs, pictures hung.. It's finally really done!
(By the way: Remember the "Mexican Prison" ? This is the same wall!)

North Wall - Finished

Looking toward the north wall. The mirror is an old antique full-length mirror that I salvaged from Gr Sue's apartment.
Nobody else wanted it (it's a bit 'care-worn'), but it looks like it belongs here. Everything really ties together well,
which is what we'd hoped for, of course.

Coming up will probably be the hall bathroom, which will be chronicled here. But we'll probably sit back and enjoy this one for a little bit...

Thanks for sticking with us!

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