Home Improvement

Here's the page devoted to the major projects done on our house.

In this first section are the projects that have been well-documented with pictures...

Previous Projects
There are a number of projects that we've done around the house before I began documenting with pictures. Fortunately, Mom went around the house with a camera when I first moved in and captured a great deal of the original condition of the house. Most of the old "before" pictures are to be credited to her.

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Stay tuned... Soon I will post a description of the Willo Historic District where our house is located, and how we came to be here...

Our House in 1973

Here's a snapshot of our house after a hailstorm in 1973. One of our neighbors brought this over. Almost all of the trees in this picture are gone now, and the oleanders were actually shaped into hedges! The Arizona Room hadn't yet been built, and the trim was still green. This is a nice picture to have..