Backyard workshop

My backyard turned into a workshop, of course.
By the way, our neighbors had the wall in the background put up just
a couple of months ago. Looks much nicer than the old chain-link.

New header boardsNew rafters

One of the first things to do was to replace that rotten header (left), then put in new rafters (right). I replaced a total of five rafters; two on the east side and three on the south side. The picture on the right shows the east side rafters.

Almost finished!Nearly done

Here we fast-forward a little bit.. The porch construction is essentially done. You can see the new rafters, the roof has been completed, the board under the eaves have been replaced, the new posts are in and the temporary supports are gone. The post locations are the original locations. When the walls were removed, I found perfectly square 4" x 4" holes in the flagstone and concrete where the old posts had been. Putting the new posts in was remarkably easy, they didn't even have to be cut!

The only thing left now is plaster and paint...


Finished!... Almost, anyway. We still want to strip the old white paint off of the red brick
under the porch, but all of the construction is DONE, and we can enjoy our new porch!
And the sky is even bluer now!

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