Dining Room - Wood Trim

We decided to use a lot of stained wood trim in this room. Since Diane wanted darker, richer colors in the dining room anyway, it was a good opportunity to use stained wood. Initially, I wanted to put up really nice wood, like oak, but that's a little out of our current budget!

I wasn't happy at all with the selection of trim at Home Depot, so we looked up some lumber yards in the phone book, and visited the nearest one (Heldt's, on 7th St & Bethany Home). Their wood is WAY better than Home Depot, cheaper, and with decent service. I would highly recommend a lumber yard for wood rather than HD. We did end up buying the chair rail at HD, but everything else was from Heldt's.

Diane staining the trim

First off, the bare wood has to be stained. This turned out to be
Diane's job. Here she's staining some casing. The crown molding
and most of the chair rails have been stained.

Chair rail

The first thing installed was part of the chair rail...

Finished floor

At this point, I had to finish the floor.
We decided not to concern ourselves with the chips from old carpet strips,
or worry about cracks in the concrete. When all of the tile and carpet is taken
up in the entire house, we'll decide then what we want to do about that stuff
For now, I put a concrete sealer on the floor, which slightly deepens the color and give a slight sheen..

Blocks for anchoring the crown molding

Then I decided to move on to the crown molding. Since my walls are either plaster
or plaster and brick, I needed a way to secure the molding. I used Liquid Nails
and glued dozens of these little angled blocks around the edge of the ceiling.
The blue tape is so that I know where to nail when the molding is in place.

Crown molding going up

Crown molding is a major pain in the butt to get cut and
installed correctly. Now I remember why I swore I'd never
go through that again after putting it up in the bedroom!

More trim...

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