Dining Room - More Wood Trim

First pieces of wood in the wide archInside the narrow arch

Next step is to put up the boards on the inside of the arches. These are simply glued to the walls.
Originally, I was planning on nailing everything, but there turned out to be nothing
solid enough on the inside of the arches to nail to; just plaster-board..

Mitered casing

After all of the insides were covered, the casing surrounding the arches were put up.
These were also glued, as well as nailed to the inside boards. I took my time to get the
miter joints to come out right. Each angle was just a little different..

Bracing the chair rail

Once the casing was in, I could finish the floor molding and the last of the chair rail.
This is the system I came up with to hold the chair rail in place while the glue dried overnight.
I needed to come up with a way to put pressure straight across in the middle of the wall...
What you see is an old piece of trim I found in the garage clamped to the third step of my ladder.
I braced the bottom of the ladder with a board against the opposite wall so that the front feet of the ladder
is off the ground when the clamped board is pushing on the chair rail. Then I put my 70 lb. box of pennies
on the ladder shelf, and that provided all the lateral pressure I needed. Looks goofy, but it worked!

Wood trim is all upNarrow archway

It's Saturday, October 19th and finally, all the trim is up! The only thing left is to fill the nail holes and seal the wood.
And get decent dining room furniture, of course...

We then made our own Rug!

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