Dining Room - "Rug"

With our decision to go with just the concrete floors, it was understood that we would use rugs to cover the floors. Well, nice rugs, especially of the size which would be required in our dining room would be way too expensive for us right now... particularly right after spending all of the money fixing the room up and also ordering new dining room furniture (which should be here in late December - early January). So, we were considering buying some sort of cheaper option, like a mat, or crummier, less expensive rugs. We even had bought two cheaper ($200 each) rug/mats from a rug store some time ago, but returned them after unrolling them and finding some lines across them caused by sunfading. Fortunately, they took them back despite their 'no returns' policy.

Then Diane saw this idea in a store at the Biltmore Fashion Park, and we decided to make our own...


Here's the basis for our rug... A canvas painter's dropcloth from Harbor Freight Tools!


Then the paint goes on. This is just regular interior latex paint. The first coat is
a kind of pale green that we picked up in the returned paint section of Home Depot
for $5. We didn't really care about the color since it would be all covered anyway.
Then Diane put a second coat of Navajo White as you see here.
Two whole gallons were used just for the basis.


We decided on a pattern, and I measured and drew some basic guidelines in pencil.


After taping the drawn lines, we started with the first couple of colors..
The red in the center is the same paint as on the lower part of the walls.


We matched the center portion of the rug to the stippled part of the walls. We still had all of the materials, so that particular
portion didn't cost us anything. You can see the checkerboard pattern appearing on the yellow border section.
Incidentally, the walls surrounding the wood is masked in preparation of applying the final topcoat on the wood trim.


The yellow and blue checkerboard is done now, and on to the last major portion. A base of dark green was put
down, then stippled with a complementing color in the same faux leather manner as the red.


We made a stencil using some plastic film of a pattern that we liked from
one of Diane's "Stampin' Up" catalogs. Then the distribution was carefully measured
on the canvas and rolled onto the rug. The color used is the same as the glaze used
for the stippling.


Here is the resulting pattern... Diane then went over and added highlights to each of the stenciled patterns.
She spent about three hours on this..
Also, you can see the 1½" white strips are now being painted with a deep red/brown color.


The red-brown borders were finished up, along with the edge, and here is essentially the finished product!
All of the color has been put on, and all of the tape removed. The only thing left now is
to put a clear sealant over the whole thing.
Nine different colors of paint went into this project! Anybody need any paint?

There's just one more chapter to the story...

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