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This page lists home improvement projects completed before I began to take pictures of them. I intend to list them in chronological order, but sometimes I'm not quite sure what happened when, so the dates and order may not be entirely accurate..

Here's the list:

Laundry Room - December '98

When we finally settled on buying this house, I knew it was lacking a few appliances... No refrigerator, no washer or dryer. Diane and I went out and bought new appliances before we moved in, and we were really glad that the house had natural gas, so I bought a new gas dryer. Well, although the house was connected to the gas service, the gas line to the laundry area had been removed, and it was wired instead for 220v electricity!

So, dad came over and helped me (well, I just watched, mostly) re-run the gas line and also move the water hook-ups in the laundry area. Also involved was moving a light fixture and switch, and drywall for the entire enclosure. And painting, of course.. Dad also built a nifty hinged shelf that sits just above the washer and dryer for holding detergent, towels, etc. There had also been a cabinet in this area which I immediately removed. It was obvious it has just been put up by the seller.. It's now hanging in my garage..

Master Bedroom - circa. January '99

One of the first things we wanted to do was fix up the master bedroom before we moved into it. So we originally moved into the "second bedroom" while we worked on the master bedroom. I patched the walls, and did extensive rebuilding of the window frames. I sought out a source for new hardware for the old casement windows since the original operators were mostly stripped and didn't work. With Diane's instruction, we painted half of the room using a ragging technique with blue paint, and the other half a flat, very pale blue. I was skeptical about the color scheme at first, but that experience made me a believer in the use of bolder, brighter colors. I also put up floor and crown molding, which made the whole room looked finished. Diane also oiled the natural wood accordian-style closet doors, which adds a very nice touch.

Empty master bedroomBedroom completed

Before and after shots of the master bedroom. The window frames needed extensive rebuilding, we replaced the blinds as well as the light kit on the fan. The whole room was patched and painted, and we put up wood trim. You can also barely see the 'upduct' I installed to help make the evaporative cooler more efficient. Oh yeah... We also got a dog.. And furniture!

Master Bath - January-March '99

The master bath was a mess. It had an ugly Home Depot vanity cabinet. A light bar that was three times longer than was appropriate. The window was jammed shut, with two broken window panes and a rusty screen jammed into place with fast-food napkins.. There was no vent fan, so the walls and ceiling of the shower were quite moldy. And there was this nasty, moldy "101 Dalmations" shower curtain on a rusty curtain rod... And that repulsive toilet seat!

Not a happy place.

Here's what we did:

Basically, the only thing I didn't change in the entire room is the floors and the tile in the shower. The tile in this room is nicer than the rest of the house, and we don't mind it at all. I did accidentally drop a pair of pliers on it while I was changing the toilet seat and chipped it, though.. Sigh..

Bathroom beforeBathroom before

Here's the master bath before. Some work has been done already; the long light bar has been removed and a new, shorter one put in. This shorter one wouldn't be there for very long, though. The original one went from where the holes are all the way over the medicine cabinet. It looked ridiculous. You can also see the original shower curtain , and the side of the cabinet that was mounted over the toilet.

Bathroom finished

Here's the bathroom today. Unfortunately, you can't see the textured pattern on the walls in this picture.
But it shows the new lighting, medicine chest, sink, fixtures, and shower door.

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