Dining Room - Paint

Ceiling painted

First, the ceiling was painted with regular white ceiling paint
as shown here, then painted the final color, a sort of light tan..

No more unsightly white walls!

Then the walls...
Yes, we painted it red. Here's the beginning of the real color!

Diane stippling

The bottom third of the wall was painted a slightly glossier and slightly "pinker"
shade of red than the upper two-thirds. Then a deep red (I swear it's gray)
color is stippled on the lower portion and worked with a paper bag to achieve a 'leather look'.

Every stripe carefully measured

Then the blue tape ordeal began.. Two-inch painter's tape was put up in
perfectly vertical stripes, with 2" between each stripe. This was done
only for the top two-thirds of the wall (non-stippled).

Taping is complete

5½ hours and 152 stripes later, I had finally covered all the way around the room.
My fingertips were actually worn shiny from smoothing all the tape..

Removing tape

After the taping was done, the upper part was painted in an identical,
but glossier color. We could then take the tape off, revealing a pretty
neat effect. Taking the tape down only took about 45 minutes!

Next up: Wood trim..

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