Living Room, The Finishing

At this point, we are really feeling pressed for time. Unfortunately this means that we took fewer pictures that we might have if we weren't so rushed. But we had to get it finished in time for houseguests at the end of December!

The floor was scrubbed down real well and then sealed using the same stuff we used in the Dining Room. Makes the floor look quite shiny! Then it's time for trim:

I got the floor and crown moldings up pretty quickly. I bought a finishing nailer for my air compressor, and it made a huge difference. Then I used both nails and glue to put the trim in the archways. Once all of the wood was in, I had to then sand the facing pieces so that the trim is flush with the inside pieces. In the right picture, you can see that the stain is partially sanded away. Then everything was stained again, and sealed with polyurethane.

We had quite an ordeal with curtains right at the end of the project. We went to Pottery Barn for curtain rods since we had bought rods from them for our Dining Room, and wanted to get matching rods. Well, they had ones that were close, but a little different different. They changed the style of fastening to the wall... Better quality, they said. WRONG! They were unbelievably poor quality, and very difficult to get to stay on the wall at all. Since we are planning on getting a projectiom TV setup, we bought extra-heavy curtains. And since the windows are so wide, it takes 4 panels per window. It pulled the brackets right down. We limped along with them untill after our guests were gone, then took them back for a full refund and ended up buying decent rods at IKEA for about one-tenth the price. They're plainer-looking, but hold up to the heavy curtains well.

Finished, looking west. One thing that really stands out is that there's no TV. But it makes for more usable space.

We still need to hang pictures back up, and install the projector TV system. We will also either replace the couches or get them re-upholstered.

The Living Room and Dining Room work real well together now!

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