Dining Room

After our trip to Las Vegas, we decided to get right into the next project, which was to tear up all of the tile and finish the concrete floors. We decided to go with just the concrete, rather than re-tile or wood or carpeting. At least then we could change easily to one of the other options if we decide we don't like it.

We started in the dining room....

Tile coming up

However, we have decided to go ahead and finish the dining room all the way
before continuing to the rest of the house.. This was taken 2/10/2002..

Crumbling plaster

The plaster around the window had turned into packed sand, and has to be replaced.
It just crumbles off the wall, and was cleaned off to the brick around the entire window.

Wall almost clean

Here is the south wall on at the end of 2/17. The wall is just about 'cleaned', and is about ready to be rebuilt.
The tile and mastic is gone now, and the floor are already colored brown.


Another shot of the south wall.. Diane calls it the 'Mexican Prison' look...


I replaced the wood along the bottom of the wall (that the floor molding attaches to). It had previously
been replaced, but was about an eight-inch too wide (thick). I trimmed this piece down to fit exactly.

At this point the south wall was patched extensively and sanded exhaustively, then painted white. I was rushing to do this in preparation for a week-long visit by my friend James, and just got it finished the very day he arrived. Although the wall remained finished and painted white for some time afterwards, I never took a picture of it specifically.. Oh well...


Diane is scraping the 'popcorn' off of the ceiling. The brown spots are old adhesive where acoustic tile had
been glued to the ceiling. We tried varoius methods to get the spots off (they are rather thick and hard), but
haven't had any luck. We have decided to just put sheetrock over it and cover it up (boo)..

Six months later . . .

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