Dining Room - Ceiling

After leaving the dining room the way it was (half finished) for six months, we finally got motivated to begin working again. the next step is to cover the ceiling with sheetrock. I decided to use 12' sheets, since the room is 11' wide, and it would eliminate having to patch the more difficult seams.

Well, 12' sheetrock weighs a frickin' ton. Diane and I had to work out a system to get it safely on the ceiling. The first sheet was dropped and ruined, which really made me mad, but got me thinking of better ways to do it. The next day (Aug 25) we had better luck..

First sheet

The secret was to make one support that has a brace on the bottom,
so it can't fall to the side. That was our problem on the first attempt.
In this picture, we got the first sheet up, and I'm securing it to the joists.
There are actually three supports, one is out of the frame.

Sheet 3 going up

This is sheet #3. Nothing else is holding the sheet up, I came up
with a way to brace it without fear of it sliding out or breaking.
Our ruined sheet is visible in the background..

Sheet 3 with supports

Sheet #3 in place, ready to be screwed to the ceiling. Then it's off
to Home Depot to replace the sheet we dropped and broke...

Ceiling ready for paint

By the following Friday, all the sheetrock was up, patched, and ready to paint.

On to Painting !

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