Harmon and Scout

It has literally been about 2½ years since I put any animal pictures up. We have so many pictures to go through! I have chosen some of the older ones to start with, and I promise I'll get others up soon.

These are all older (2001 or earlier) pictures. When we first got the pets, all I had was a Polaroid camera, then we started to use the disposable cameras. We borrowed the digital camera from Diane's office, but the files were copied to a CD that initially became unreadable, but have since been recovered and are included in this online 'album'. We also had some video from their first few days together that showed them toddling around, but the tape was in the VCR when it was stolen from our house...

The colors on the Polaroids have changed drastically over the years, and I've tried to adjust them, but they still may look a little off... This first page is all Polaroids.

Taking a break
Taking a break from playing. This is a real early shot.

Puppy & Kitten
Kitty's instincts are kicking in!
Notice the paper towels we kept handy for the 'accidents'.

An early pose
One of my favorite kitten pictures.
That platform is only 16" wide!

Kirby and Harmon
When Harmon met Kirby.. And a proud Grandma!

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Modified: January 8, 2004