Harmon and Scout, Page 3

Harmon in the kitchen
Harmon in a rather expressive moment.
The Talking Rain box
Scout assumed posession of this box which had been sitting on the laundry room counter.
The counter has since been dubbed the Cat's Counter. She used the box
for probably two years before I built her a more permanent wooden box (with
a custom pad by Diane's mom) that nests on top of the mini refigerator.

Starting in the summer of 2001 we began to have Harmon groomed during the hotter part of the year so
he could better handle the heat. This is a before and after of his very first grooming on July 3, 2001.
(Note: This picture is a little out of sequence.. His nose here is losing it's black already)

I call this one Kitty's "Glamour Shot".


This section ends with Harmon lounging watching TV with Diane, and Scout snuggled into the fleece bed in the kitchen.

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Modified: January 5, 2004